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               Ladev is a China-German joint venture high-tech company, which is the earliest leading enterprise in window opening industry in China. It was founded in 2002. There are more than 3000 square meters of standard workshop, specializing in the development and manufacture of various window openers and fire exhaust smoke window control systems and various electric skylights; With a more comprehensive series of products: window opener, window opener; Electric window opener, electric window opener; Various control boxes: window opener control box, linkage control box, fire control box, smoke exhaust control box and various electric skylight, translation skylight; And has a manual window opener/manual window opener. Products throughout the domestic and foreign, in the domestic major projects widely used, has a high reputation. (The bird's Nest stadium in Beijing is the only one using the brand "Ladev")

                    Ladev continuously collects market and customer demand information for products, develops and improves window control products in a timely manner. The combination of more humanized design and systematic development philosophy to produce timely products fully shows the strength of Ladev and the perfect pursuit of products.

                     Ladev has established a good r & D/production/engineering installation/after-sales service system to ensure product quality and service. In the future, Ladev will create an international brand "Ladev" made in China with better service and high-quality products, originating from Germany and serving China!